Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Latest Glass mobile phone

As the mobile phone market is growing rapidly every day we see the latest models of mobile phones to the market with different features, functions and specifications. To be different than previous models, all of the latest mobile phones, new and unique features that make them different from others.
Some of the latest mobile phones aimed at the camera focus on some other multimedia capabilities, but this new mobile phone as a mobile Glass focuses on the weather. Want to know the weather in your city than a new mobile phone has a unique ability to see outside your window.

If it's a sunny day, a mobile glass appears as a bright screen, and then the rain on the screen will change to the format is, and as the snow, this phone will be asort of fog appearance.
To manually activate the option to subscribe to the glass cell phone than the breath and blow the latest fashion mobile phone switches to writing mode page.
Although still a concept phone, but you never know when the phone concept, the reality and the latest mobile phones to be.

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